Miquel Romera Marco

Miquel was born in Spain, Barcelona, and he moved to the US at 17 years old with just a suitcase a a set of golf clubs. He came to the states with a golf scholarship to play at Lindenwood University as the US was one of the only places where he could combine athletics and academics without having to sacrifice one. He went on to graduate with a bachelors degree in marketing and sales.

He grew up playing tennis, but quickly found a passion for golf after playing every other weekend with his dad. His golf career started around the age of 11 and never stopped playing the game since. After freshman year in college he made a huge jump as far as his golf skills and he knew that the golf industry was his calling. After working for over 4 years at Old Warson Country Club in Ladue he developed a passion for just being around all the members and making sure everyone’s experience at the country club was positive, fun and one of a kind. He loves playing golf with anyone that he can get paired up with, it doesn’t matter to him who he has a chance to play with, little kids, professionals, friends, members, anyone that wants to enjoy the game of golf. 

Miquel is excited to follow his passion for golf and looks forward to becoming a PGA member and being able to help others with their golf game as well as their overall experience in the golf course.

Miquel is recently married, and off the course he loves spending time outdoors with his wife, his two Audtralian Shepherds and friends.

He is excited to have to opportunity to join the Old Hickory Golf Club family and get to know each and all of you!