Kelsey J.

I cannot say enough about how wonderful Old Hickory was. I would hire them again, and again. The food and service were both 5 stars. The venue and setup were gorgeous. They were checking in with me all night to see if there was anything else they could do, but everything was perfect. Staff was incredibly attentive and professional. The food was AMAZING. To top it all off, a groomsman split the seam in his tuxedo pants at the start of the reception, and a bartender overheard my dilemma, and after finding he was similar in size to the groomsman in question, offered to loan his pants to our groomsman and changed into something else to continue bartending. This SAVED the night, and was so far above and beyond what was expected, let’s just say that Old Hickory has a customer for life. There is honestly nothing that they could have done differently or better. Top notch class act all the way. Highly, highly recommend. We have heard so many comments from our guests that this was one of the best receptions that they have ever attended. I am so happy that we chose Old Hickory. We have nothing but perfect memories of this night